Loker Posisi Pastry Chef /Maker /Staff /Gelato di

Loker Posisi Pastry Chef /Maker /Staff /Gelato di

Pastry Chef /Maker /Staff /Gelato di


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**Job Title: Pastry Chef with Gelato Expertise **

**Company: PT Bali Foods **

**Job Description:**

‍‍ PT Bali Foods is thrilled to present an exceptional opportunity for a versatile Pastry Chef / Assistant, who is also a connoisseur of gelato making. If you are passionate about crafting exquisite cakes, desserts, and pastries, and have a flair for frozen delights like gelato, this role is perfect for you. We’re looking for an individual who excels in the culinary arts of both pastries and gelato, eager to showcase their skills in a vibrant and innovative environment.

**Key Responsibilities:**

– **Pastry & Cake Creation **: Bake a diverse array of pastries, cakes, and desserts, blending traditional techniques with creative recipes. Ensure excellence in taste, quality, and presentation.

– **Gelato Making **: Utilize your expertise to craft artisan gelato and sorbet, contributing to our range of frozen desserts with your knowledge of flavor combinations and techniques.

– **Menu Development **: Work on developing new pastry, cake, and gelato menus, incorporating seasonal ingredients and aligning with customer tastes.

– **Quality Control and Hygiene **: Uphold top-tier standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen. Guarantee that all products meet our stringent quality criteria.

– **Kitchen Management **: Manage kitchen operations efficiently, including inventory, equipment maintenance, and supply orders.

– **Team Collaboration **: Collaborate effectively within the team, enhancing kitchen dynamics and supporting colleagues.

– **Customer Interaction **: When necessary, interact with customers, providing insights into our desserts and receiving their feedback.


– Demonstrated experience as a Pastry Chef or similar in a professional kitchen setting.

– Skill or strong interest in gelato production.

– Creativity in dessert, cake, and recipe development.

– Proficient in various baking techniques and using quality ingredients.

– Excellent organizational abilities and meticulous attention to detail.

– Commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

– Team player with effective communication skills.

– Proficiency in English.

**What We Offer:**

– A dynamic and creative work environment.

– Professional growth opportunities in both pastry and gelato creation.

– Competitive salary and comprehensive benefits.

– A supportive, collaborative team atmosphere.

If your passion lies in pastries, cakes, desserts, and gelato, and you’re eager to bring your culinary talents to PT Bali Foods, we warmly invite you to apply for this exciting position! Join us in creating delightful experiences for our customers every day!

Pengalaman Kerja :
Jenis Pekerjaan : Full time
Spesialisasi Pekerjaan : Hospitaliti & Pariwisata / 1212

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C178 1

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Ukuran Perusahaan :
Waktu Proses Lamaran :
Industri : Hospitaliti & Pariwisata
Tunjangan dan Lain-lain :
Lokasi : Bali


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