Loker Bagian Head Chef – Food Industry di PT Umara Nikmat Boga

Loker Bagian Head Chef – Food Industry di PT Umara Nikmat Boga

Head Chef – Food Industry di PT Umara Nikmat Boga


Informasi Tambahan Lowongan Kerja

Tingkat Pekerjaan :
Kualifikasi :


– Oversee all aspects of the kitchen operations, including menu planning, food preparation, and cooking techniques 

– Develop new recipes and seasonal menus that align with current food trends and customer preferences 

– Manage inventory and ensure proper stock levels of ingredients and supplies

– Supervise and train kitchen staff, including scheduling, assigning tasks, and providing guidance 

– Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations in the kitchen 

– Collaborate with other departments to coordinate catering events or special projects 

– Maintain high standards of cleanliness and organization in the kitchen area – Continuously research and stay updated on industry trends and advancements in culinary techniques 


– Proven experience as a head chef or executive chef in a fast-paced food establishment 

– Extensive knowledge of culinary techniques, flavor profiles, and food presentation 

– Strong leadership skills with the ability to motivate and inspire a team 

– Excellent time management skills to meet deadlines and handle multiple tasks simultaneously 

– Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities to develop innovative dishes – Understanding of financial aspects related to food costs, menu pricing, and profitability 

– Ability to work effectively under pressure in a dynamic environment 

– Excellent communication skills to interact with colleagues, vendors, and customers

Pengalaman Kerja :
Jenis Pekerjaan : Full time
Spesialisasi Pekerjaan : Hospitaliti & Pariwisata / 1212

Informasi perusahaan Pemberi Kerja, PT Umara Nikmat Boga

PT Umara Nikmat Boga

Informasi Tambahan Perusahaan PT Umara Nikmat Boga

Ukuran Perusahaan :
Waktu Proses Lamaran :
Industri : Hospitaliti & Pariwisata
Tunjangan dan Lain-lain :
Lokasi : Lebak


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